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Central Highlands

Zona Cafetera 12 Days *Paddle 4 Easy Rivers *Enjoy 5 Waterfall Massages *Ride Horses into the Andes *Soak in Mountain Hot Springs *Discover a Unique Marble Cave ...


A paddle back in time

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Larry Laba

Caliche Quiceno

Caliche Quiceno

Maggie Means, Sarasota, FL “I just arrived home and want to tell you that the trip was incredible.  Larry was a great trip leader, FoFo was such a wonderful guide, and it was a really good group.  The variety of activities made the tripa ... Read More
Wally Willey, Houston, TX “Irene and I loved every moment of our trip to Costa Rica. Growing up in Hawaii, Irene was so excited by all of the magnificent flowers and vegetation. Fofo gave us such a great insider’s view into Costa Rica and ... Read More
Sande Scholz, Salida, CO “I want you to know how much I enjoyed the Nicaragua trip.  It was everything it promised to be, and I especially enjoyed getting to see undeveloped and uncommercialized Nicaragua. Having Fofo and Larry on the trip made the travel ... Read More
Helen and Terry, Salida, CO “This is our second trip with you!  We doubted that anything could beat your Costa Rica trip, but your Nicaragua itinerary is very impressive!  We loved how different Nicaragua is, and really enjoyed meeting local populations as we ... Read More


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